Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Malaysia's Web

I am always curious about what is going on in the Malaysia Internet community, not just the blogosphere (from PPS), but perhaps trying to find out what is the coolest and latest useful web application launched for Malaysia, or by Malaysian. I am doing MMW Food, and I am sure there are a dozen of people or more out there are working on some other interesting idea or trying to solve some daily problems.

Firstly, I stumbled upon WebWatch Malaysia, which seems to have quite a number of information on Malaysian Web and Entrepreneur related stuff. It gets me started to a whole lot of interesting stuff, so kudos to Khailee.

From there, it links me to a very interesting company in Malaysia called MindValley. From the website, it looks like the ideal company where every programmer who dream of starting their own business should work at (it sounds like the utopia company for techie, or IT related personel) . I think they are an incubator for some interesting business idea (mostly web related), and maybe the people who get employed to work on the project get to be the stakeholder in the project? Or they try to encourage and couch their employees to be entrepreneur as well? Anyway, the website itself is already a very powerful marketing weapon, as it fires up my curiosity. I think I should really check this company out.

Then it brought me to a few other local business idea such as:
  • Bunch Out – Meet other groups of people through group listings
  • Tumpang - pooling your resources with other users to get the best deals. It’s really about getting a bulk discount.
  • A Digg Clone
  • PacMee – a Shoutouts so to call, but looks to me like a message board to post short messages and announcement. Do people really read the message posted? Anyway, it's a Twitter-Clone.
I wonder if Springwise feature a Malaysian start-up before.


khailee said...

btw i couldnt find your email address, feel free to not publish this comment, its actually a personal message.

firstly i saw ur fave books in good to great. here at mindvalley our "bibles" are good to great and built to last..


if i may offer some corrections to some info in the blog post,

1. Bunch Out - pls link to for the malaysian version

2. Bunch Out - "Meet other groups of people through group listings" (you cannot gather people, and its not specifically for any event)

thanks again for the post

khailee said...

great to meet other malaysians interested in shaping the future via the internet.

springwise rocks! they actually featured tumpang b4... they found it off webwatch malaysia ;p

drop me a line when u launch ur project bro, im very keen to write abt it

Anonymous said...

Hello there :_)

Pacmee is not a shoutboard lah ... it's basically a group sms system, so any updates or news that you have, it'll send the sms to everyone that's in your group (your followers) all for the price of one sms.

Try it out, you'll know what I mean. I heard they will be supporting Digi and Celcom very soon.