Monday, November 19, 2007

Gu Wen & Wynn Wedding

5th November 2007, Gu Wen and Wynn finally tight the knot on a journey toward eternal happiness. But life is not all green and flowery, so sit tight and endure the rough ride together. Though I am not really an expert in this field, but I believe as long as we always have the best interest of others in our mind, then we should not screw up too much (as long as your assumption of what’s best for others is correct).

Sorry for not being a really impressive MC on your wedding night, as I was not really good with public speaking nor did I prepared enough to create something more fun and entertaining. Maybe I shall get better with a few more try and more experience, so you guys are the guinea pig lor.

As for your video, I shall dedicate today to complete it as a wedding present, and I shall need to work until midnight to make up for my lost of productivity as well. So, do think about “rewarding” when if you found the video to be good :)

Photo Links: Mei Ru's Multiply 1, 2

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