Friday, November 02, 2007

Alpha Review: The E-Myth Revisited

Accidentally found a good read "The E-Myth Revisited"at Borders while waiting for Mei Ru and gang for my “surprise” birthday celebration. Thanks Guys, appreciate the treat and effort to come :)

So, why would people like me would want to become a freelance, business owner or entrepreneur? Because we are the one who know how to do the work (and probably quite good at it), and we see the bosses and manager fail to do a good job, or screw up too much. So we decided that we don’t need these people who are not contributing, and we can handle the situation perfectly well. Walah! We quite our job and become our own boss? Sounds familiar?

That’s the exact thing which captures my attention, as it is so true. The problem is, we are the “Technician” who understands the technical work of a business, but we might not actually understand a business that does the technical work. Basically it means though we know how to do the work, we might not know how to run a business.

What is it like to be a business owner? It brought to light that we have 3 personalities within us, mainly The Entrepreneur, The Manager and The Technician.
  • The Entrepreneur – lives in the future, looks for control, the visionary and the finder
  • The Manager – lives in the past, looks for order, the planner and the minder
  • The Technician – lives in the present, look for work, the doer and the grinder.

So, I am truly a Technician, so this personality usually dominates. I can become a manager and keep order, especially for the past year. The trickiest part is Entrepreneur, as I set my own future and strategize. It’s tricky that I have no idea whether I am doing it right, as I have the least experience with this personality. Basically I should strengthen my Manager and Entrepreneur characteristics, and to gain more knowledge and experience in those area.

Since know I understand better who I am, now what? What should be done to increase my chances of success? Hmm, I haven’t reach that part yet. I wanted to buy the book, but I think I can finish it if I sit there for a whole day, and I plan to do so :)

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