Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Dream of Freedom

Don’t we ask ourselves this question this question in life so many times, “What do I want in life?” Tonight, at this moment in time, I had an answer for myself, FREEDOM.

It’s not just financial freedom, or democracy kind of freedom, but the freedom to live life as naturally as it can be, following my dream and instinct. When I look into a scene of a snow mountain, I feel like I wanna live there. It’s not just about the snow, or mountain, or even the nature. I think it is more than that. I think it’s the freedom to choose where I would like to stay, and how would I live my life.

It’s not so much that we don’t have freedom, but we do have a lot of responsibility in life. We need to take care of our family, need to pay for the car and house, and to support our lifestyle in the city. A lot of time, we end up doing a lot of thing that we didn’t really fancy, for the excuse to support our lifestyle. If we chase our dream, then there are sacrifices to be made. Between sacrificing our dream and sacrificing our money, which one do you think is worst?

I am moving towards realizing my dream: to get my freedom. Nothing come easy, and I shouldn't let that thought stop me; heck I it’s so easy, the dream would not be so precious. The Dream of Freedom; It doesn’t quite matter where I stay or what I own, is all in the mind. If I put my mind and heart to make, I really believe I could make it happen. I probably could read mind too, haha.

Let put the big picture aside and look into the smaller picture. Between Engineering and Computer Programming, I thought I would like to do programming more as it had more room for creation. Between R&D and Application Development, I thought I would like Application Development more because I like to build. Between Business Application and Social Application, I think I would like Social Application more as it is more fun and meaningful. Between Employment and Entrepreneurial, I would prefer Entrepreneurial anytime because I get to choose and decide. Between being alone and having a companion, I would prefer to have someone by my side. Whenever I found myself another option, I have to move into the correct direction and know myself a little bit better.

If we can just put money aside ( even for a short while) and give it some thought and try, I think we could probably find out what we want to do with our life. Is the price worth paying for? Is there anything worst than forgoing your dream?


Gordon said...

Desmond - came upon your blog by way of a video which you posted about Chiang Mai [which is where I live]. Fascinating writing, especially those posts labeled 'Thoughts'. I applaud your self examination, and your relationship to the world around you. For many years I taught Creative Writing for advanced ESL students, and I would have been very proud indeed to have had you in once of my classes. Kudos and keep up the excellent work!

May I reference your blog on my blog site?

Gordon Christy-Stefanik, aka Jing-reed [ - ]

Joyce said...


People always lost in life ....
If u have a bible , if you really study it ... you will have peace .


d_luaz said...

Not everyone find FREEDOM at the same place :)