Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Malaysian Blogger turns PRO

I regard Kenny Sia as a professional blogger, because he blogs for the reader’s amusement, or maybe he is an entertainer. Basically he don’t do mindless rant (or writing personal diary), he put a lot of effort to make it funny or controversial, or anything to keep the readers happy and keep rolling in. Then I found Nicolekiss link from his blog, and they share almost the same style, and they are promoting for the hugo fragrance as well.

This came as triple shocks. Why?
  1. More and more people are becoming entertainment blogger like Kenny Sia
  2. Online advertisement had gone from Google Adsense > Pay to Blog > Nuffnang > Indirectly blogging about the advertiser’s theme and give out free gifts
  3. And they are doing combo blog advertisement – link to each other and talking about similar topic. This is a well planned blog advertising campaign.

So blogging could end up as a popular profession very soon (or already is), just like Cyber Athletes.


maria said...

there are more and more professional bloggers in Malaysia, some of them earn a lot..

Sharon said...

well, becoming an entertainment blogger is not as easy as it sounds. lots of effort, time, and not to mention network.
and it makes a good side income for some too :)

rational thinker said...

it's a well known story that kennysia n nicole is an item...duh.

where have you been?

d_luaz said...

sorry, now quite active in the blogging sphere for quite a while :p