Friday, April 15, 2011

There are no better times to be an Entrepreneur

I truly believe this is the golden age of entrepreneurship. There are plenty of business ideas which we can work on with require little or no money at all to startup (launch an online shop, blog, book, music, game, etc), and “online marketing” (blog, twitter, facebook, Adsense, viral video, etc) had provide alternative to conventional marketing which usually cost an arm and leg. Now we have Internet as the global platform, and the cost of hardware and services are fairly affordable to individuals. It is very possible to start business on a part time or full time basis, which you could choose to work alone, with little or no money, with plenty of helpful books and websites, and all it requires is an idea which you like and passion to persist.

Not that long ago, Eric Sink coined the word Micro ISV (Independent Software Vendor), meaning you could start a software company with one or a few person, and still able to make good products which make good money.

Lately, we have the Micro Entrepreneur, teaching you how to start a successful business as a lone ranger.

Why suddenly we are going from Macro to Micro? Though many of us aspire to be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but vision of being Microsoft or Apple is too far for most of us. Most of us even have problem with a starting capital of $100K, and probably still like to keep our full time job while we venture out. I guess not all of us are big time entrepreneur who goes for the millions winning all or nothing risk takers. We like a small business because it’s easier to manage, we would still like to maintain our freedom and we are satisfied of making just enough money for a comfortable living, and it’s much more satisfying than employment. I guess it's a lifestyle choice, haha.

If you are dissatisfied with your current job, it’s time to tinkle with the idea of starting a business on a part time basis, and things shall move on from there. Every dream requires the first baby step, so start something in the next 24 hours.

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