Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jeff Hoffman: How to overcome criticism of your idea?

Kinda missed his talk during the SVC2M event due to an 1-to-1 session, now I know why it's the most liked talk: Inspiration and No holding back (and no excuses).


  • Successful people are not smarter. They just wake up and go do something about it, no more excuses.
  • Entrepreneur take gamble on themselves.
  • Info Spunge: read (and gather data points) about things which might not be relevant to what we are doing, and somehow the dots might connect after a few cycles to form a new picture.
  • You'll fail, so what?
  • Leader: build a team who is smarter than you.
  • Ask what your future team member want? Do you share the same value or vision?
  • 299 vs 300: It's what differentiate Heavyweight Champion and other boxers.
  • Should I do something which make instant money, or work on the product? Hardwork & Sacrifice are the nutients
  • We always know we are going to sell everything, but let's focus on selling one thing. Amazon got so good at selling books, people start asking what else are they selling. Same goes of Zappos.
  • Protect Idea: Patern, Switching Cost, Industry with Relationship
  • Blue Sky: Pretend there is no gracity and rules, don't try to innovate by making more lanes in the highway to solve traffic.
  • You cannot control of being a victim, but you can control if you want to continue to be a victim.
How to take on Negativity?

  • Don't take advice from golfer if you want to play baseball (find the right mentor/advice)
    • Great Multi-tasker = No Focus
    • The Drive to get it done now = Impatient
    • Not afraid to try something no one else had tried before = No Respect for Authority
  • Quit taking opinion from the guy you are not going to sell your product to
PS: I always knew I am pitching/talking to the wrong kind of people: they are not the users of my product, they do not understand the dynamics of consumer Internet and they are definitely not entrepreneurs. Thanks Jeff for the validations.

It's time to do more with less excuses.

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