Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beta Tester Wanted for Android Travel App (Home-based Job)

We are looking for beta testers for a Travelopy Android app which focus on discover places and capture moments (like a simple journal).

  1. You must have access to an Android (version 4.0.3 and above) phone.
  2. Use the app to discover nearby places.
  3. Use the app to capture at least 3 moments (a moment is a like a Facebook post about your eating and outing trip) with description, photos and places identified.
  4. Sign Up as a user (Google account required)
  5. Complete an online survey after the completion of the above task.
  6. You are allowed to take up to 14 days to complete the tasks (the actual tasks take less than 20 minutes, but discovery of places and capturing of moments depends on location and opportunity).
  7. You will be paid RM 20 upon completion of all the above tasks (must have a valid Malaysia Bank account as money will be GIROed).
  8. Interested candidate do email to desmond.lua[at]travelopy.com (replace [at] with @). 

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