Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gold Latin Exam 2007

Mei Ru and I

It had been a year (since my last dance exam) since I last blog about anything related to dancing. Just had my Latin Gold exam and my passion (and practice hours) are not as vibrant as my first time for Latin Bronze and Silver. I was pre-occupied with many things and hardly had enough time for dancing, not to mention attending extra classes or practices. Anyway, I did well due to my consistence attendance, though I make more mistakes as compared to last time.

Cute Little Dancing Girl

It is hard to believe that I had been dancing for almost 2 years, something which I had never dream of nor thought of. I wouldn’t say it’s my passion, but it’s something nice to do. It is both slow and fast (depends on the dance), able to have some exercise and practice some rhythmic action plus learn to lead and collaborate with your partners. Anyway, it is just relaxing and fun. It’s okay to sharpen up my skills during exam or performance once in a while, but I won’t make it if it’s becoming too taxing. I don’t plan to win any trophy (nor am I gifted or capable), but I just want to enjoy it at a comfortable level.

The Examiner

My Class

Now I am a Gold class graduate knowing Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba and Samba, and a bit of Rock and Roll. If I am to proceed to Gold Cross or Gold Bar, I would prefer to take it slowly. Actually I would prefer some alternative dances once in a while (rather than rushing for exam), such as Rock and Roll, Salsa, Paso, Jazz, Ballroom and alike. Like I said, I am not here to excel, but just to enjoy it (sometimes this world is just too competitive and tiring, and I feel happy for being less competitive in this). Though it is quite interesting to have a partner or classmates who are better than I am, so that I can see some room for improvement and spark some excitement in self enhancement.

My Dance Partners

Now I am having some technique class and ballroom class, which are quite refreshing. Technique class is good so that I can understand what is going on, or what is actually wrong with my techniques or style. Ballroom is pretty new to me, so it should be interesting.

Let’s see if I can last for another year :)

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