Monday, March 31, 2008

Thoughts coming back

For one whole month, I left behind random thoughts, blogging and even going online. I was busy with a very demanding customer and project, but it pays good, so I don’t mind being boss around.

I am not sure what to talk about, it seems like so much is happening in such a fast pace, and quite a number of worrying issues as well.

First our Malaysia politics just got interesting, with the opposition gaining a few states and rumor that Anwar is going to take over the government very soon. Then we have the Federal Government “small misunderstanding” with the king, and also state constitution for disallowing non-Malay to be Menteri Besar (ouch!). Then we have rumor that some internal party member is going to “memberontak” and challenge the existing leaders (or ask them to step down). One significant event could spark countless chain reaction, which I feel it’s just so “political”. Me as a Rakyat just wanted peace and prosperity, and I guess it can only be gained with some “bloodshed”.

Politic is not really my interest, but my Yum Cha discussion topic (much like EPL). What did I learn or realize for the past month? Corporate project is painful and challenging to do, but it needs to be done in order to get the big money. Pet project is nice to do, but there is a different between ideal and practicality. Freelance are pretty much hassle free and small hiccups (choose wisely), so the turn around time should be reasonable. At the end, software development project are never easy or straightforward, not really like manufacturing with predictable timeframe and deliverables. I am not sure software development is one of the better business around to do, but at least it’s something I am good at and still like to do. Sometime I do thought of starting a farm business or eco-tourism.

My girlfriend told me Scorpio is not a leader (like Leo), but more like the general or adviser to the leader. It does make me wonder whether it’s suitable for me to venture on my own, as my character does goes against the thread of an entrepreneur at times. Anyway, I try to make adjustment through trial and error, to find a way which works for me. As long as I can survive and still enjoy what I do, why not. To be able to live a dream is kinda nice, just depending on when we have to wake up or fulfilled the dream.

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meiru said...

Scorpio can be leader as well because they are good problem solver, they are able to analyse the situation and give a good solution and lead the direction. But maybe the desire to be the boss is not as big as Leo.

Just that Leo wants to lead so much and they will look for every opportunity to increase their own status, just like the lion, they want to be the king.

P/S: EPL to me is Exercises for Practical Life :p