Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stop Whining Baby

After being a victim of corporate poison letter, a case on focus on puny matter as if the sky is falling and the typical lady boss syndrome, I realize one thing, again. No matter where I am, what I do, shit will keep happening (so does others thing). That’s life I guess, things keep happening around us, no matter good or bad.

I don’t quite have a solution for it, except to keep my cool and deal with it. I guess the most comforting moment would be to think of how cool would it be to be able to walk out of shit in style, haha.

What’s worst that could happen? We ended up in an argument or blaming war (which I totally try to avoid since I know that would be one of the worst for me), or try to take full responsibility for the matter (which I know there wouldn’t not be mercy under this lady), so I have to opt for something in between, something elegant and smart. I guess I have to learn to deal with politic anyway. 人就是江湖,你又如何退出江湖呢? This could get worst and pressure could really build up if I am poor, so I am thankful for that.

I guess another comforting moment would be to know how to deal with people and matter, in a classy manner. I feel that I am too blunt and undiplomatic in the past (serious case of techie being naive), as I still wish things to be simple and people being nice to each other. I guess we all vote for different reason :)

At the end, just figure out a way to live a life :)

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