Tuesday, February 05, 2008


One of the reasons why business matter is so complicated is because of people.

More People = More Complication

Basically we are not paid to come out with a technical solution (true in the business application development world anyway), but to solve people problem. Why corporate deal is lucrative? Because you are paid to wear nice cloth and tie, attend meeting, make EVERYONE happy except yourself, bullshit intelligently, do tons of useless documentation for the sake of conformance and procedure, and conform to their unreasonable demands with a smile on your face. That’s the reason why you are paid RM 100K to do a 10K job.

You are paid largely not based on your expertise in developing software, but because you are an expert in handling people. Most of the time, our primary focus is
  1. How to tell simple and happy story to the bosses, while drilling to technical details with technical person (见人说人话,见鬼说鬼话)
  2. How to cover all the managers’ asses so no one would look bad because of you
  3. How not to increase the workload of the customer
  4. How to understand what need to be done, while everyone tell you different things, or no one knows exactly what is required, or no one wanted to make a decision which they shall be hold responsible for
  5. How to motivate the programmer to work with unreasonable deadlines set by the customer
  6. How to cover yourself from poison arrow
  7. Must add at least 50% extra cost based on whatever you have estimated or whatever the customer told you
  8. No matter what, your customer could not be wrong. If they are wrong, then it must be your wrong, haha. (如果顾客有错,那一定是你的错)

Being a technical person like me, I always feel like leaving the business arena (退出江湖) and make a living without the need to deal with all these shits. But I live in a world with people, thus I have to deal with the people. 人就是江湖,你又如何退出江湖呢?Perhaps moving to mountain and leaving the city does help a bit; but there can never be a real escape.

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