Sunday, February 17, 2008

The kind of Malaysia Government I would vote for

Basically, I dislike talking about politics, as I found it to be pretty pointless (no matter how bad or corrupted you think one politician is, there is nothing much you can do about it, except talking about it). Since the election is around the corner, it would be nice to find out what I want from Malaysia Government. And since I had registered as a voter this year, I need to decide on which side to vote for.

What do I want?


Economic Growth. I want equal incentives and opportunities to all races, less bureaucracy red tapes, business friendly policy, more transparency, free market (ala laissez-faire) and less tax.

Fight Corruption. Once upon a time, Hong Kong was notorious for bribery and corrupted police until the setup of famous ICAC by Sir Jack Carter. I think Hong Kong’s current economic success had a lot to do with its corruption fighting effort and free market, and Singapore is another good example. Economic Growth is not sustainable with growing corruption (the blood sucker). Once our ACA/BPR captured a few big fishes and bring down some really famous politician or high ranking government officers, then I might have some faith in it. There are some really well known bad boys for a reason; and we all know who should be brought down.

Healthy Politics. I am tired on politicians being drag down by sodomy charges or infamous sex tapes, or being shot dead. I want to see justice to be done, bring down some politician for abuse of power or corruption for god sake. What if Bill Clinton had an affair, so does a few more millions people in this world. I am not saying that it’s okay to have an affair, but I don’t mind a cheating husband (but great leader) to run the country (rather than war manic Bush). Hilary Clinton should get a divorce if it really matters. What If Chua Soi Lek hump a younger lady? He could say, “It looks like me, it sounds like me, it humps like me, but it’s not me”. Only a real man will admit his fault; and we need a real man. If Chua Soi Lek joins the election an independent candidate, I will definitely vote for him. As long a he is doing a good job, we should keep him working for the public. We aren’t Saint, and everyone had our moment of weakness and does some stupid stuff. It’s up to his wife and family to forgive him or not, not the public for this matter.

Education. Basically, I had no confident in Malaysia education system (as I am worrying where to sent my sons and daughters to in the future). I am no confident with local universities, and even I am doubtful of the quality of primary and secondary schools. I feel the children and education is the foundation for the country, and we better address this as a national priority. We need better teacher (with better pay and qualification), and a better educational system. It doesn’t matter if we had the tallest building, and it does matter if we have the top 10 university or world class education system.

Stronger Opposition Party. Absolute power corrupts, thus we need the opposition to serve as the watchdog and balance. Thus I like the fact that Lim Kit Siang being vocal (he does voice the people mind most of the time, but the Dewan Rakyat just shut him down), too bad he doesn’t have much power. UMNO is way too strong, thus PAS and Keadilan really need to beef up. DAP is fighting the small piece of cake with MCA/Gerakan, I feel it’s a loose-loose situation for the Chinese community. Maybe more independent candidate from local communities should start showing up, and form a coalition once there are voted to strengthen their present. If the existing political party cannot compete nor do the job, perhaps individual like you and me should step up. Is a bit weird for me to vote for someone who I don’t know at all, or never see him or her my entire life (I might not even know their names). Are we voting for the person we believed in? Or are we voting for the Party? Who deserved my vote? Pak Lah, Lim Kit Siang, Chua Soi Lek.


Too bad I am not a people person, thus I wouldn’t make a popular politician (hard to get the people to love me, as they don’t know me). But if you are an independent candidate who is a good person (convince me) and had a small chance of winning, I am willing to offer my IT expertise to aid you in your campaign and in serving the public :)

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