Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Checkpoints on Life

Sometime with too many things happening in life, life tends to be a bit confusing (or we are troubled by it), because we can’t get a good perspective of life out of the chaotic world. Or perhaps we think too much, or wanted too much.

In my effort to get my life into perspective (to understand what I want to do, and what am I actually doing), I think I to have to checkpoints in my life to ponder and to evaluate my actions and attitudes. I remember one of the blog used to offer weekly tips on how to be happier at work every Monday. Though those articles didn’t really capture my attention, but I like the idea of doing something weekly.

Thus, I shall write something about my thoughts which driven my life on every Monday. After that, I need to think what I need to be do on the week itself (I probably won’t bored you by blogging about the detail of my personal plan). With absolute power comes corruption; with absolute freedom comes abuse. Sometimes with so much freedom in hand, I need a sanity check to make sure I am doing what I am supposed to do, as long as I know what am I supposed to do :)

It’s time to cure Monday Blues and make it more lively.

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