Saturday, April 26, 2008

The pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of Happiness is a "sad" story which I want to avoid to watch, yet I feel that it is very meaningful and very touching as well. It kinda tell about life, the hardship in life and the struggle to achieve happiness.

Chris (Will Smith) is a single father with a cute young son, Christopher. Chris is struggling with his failed business, lost his wife, car and house, and had to find a job and struggling with a place to stay everyday while taking care of his child. He found a job (with good future) which doesn’t pay for 6 months and only pick one candidate out of a dozen at the end, and he try to make ends meet by selling the remaining medical equipment from his failed business. It’s not an easy path, where time is against him as he had to rush back to pick up his son and secure a place to stay at a local church, once spend the night at public toilet, and he did always need to go the extra miles so that he can complete things faster and better than others. He is smart, but life isn’t easy on him either. And this is a story of happy ending, for those who persist.

I guess most of us live in a life of luxury, where we have a place to stay, food on the table everyday and possibly a car. We don’t have to worry about survival, and we don’t go through much hardship. We try to make more money so that we could have a better life, but that’s a luxury. Maybe this is not really true, but at least I don’t know of anyone who is really hardcore poor. Even some charity homes in the city are getting enough funding nowadays, perhaps just not enough love and care to go around.

Is hardship really necessary to make us a better and stronger person? Is life nowadays to easy, or they are other nature of challenges awaiting us? Life is a journey, so it matters how we actually go through it.

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KY said...

pretty good movie ya. :)