Monday, April 21, 2008

What about Mountain Trekking (Gunung Liang)

With more then 50 sand fly bites which still itches while I am typing this, about 2 dozens cuts, 1 bee sting, 1 bleeding knock on the head, countless fall, 2 leeches bite, a pair of aching leg, 1 bruised foot and a pair of torn pants, and I don’t quite have the answer for my parents when they ask me why I do it.

I start regretting after the 1st hour of going up, as I can feel again that I don’t really have the stamina and fitness to accomplish the task. Things aren’t getting any better, as the path just keep going up and up and up, and Mei Ru and I are the last pair of the team. There is no way for me to keep up with their pace, but I just have to make sure I don’t give up and keep moving up (just like when at Mount Semeru, I know I can make it, it’s just the matter of time). But time is of essence this time, as it’s getting darker and the misty surrounding and confusing path doesn’t quite make it easier. It took us around 9-10 hours and reach around 7PM plus, about 2 hours behind the team.

Liang is a moist and misty forest, with some leeches along the first one tenth of the journey (some said the leeches are awful lot, maybe it depends on the season). It had many varieties of mushrooms along the way, and quite a bushy track due to not many people trek up this hill. The scenery is nice, but nothing too spectacular. It’s a “breath-taking” mountain to climb, and think not many will return after the first visit (except Siong Har who conquer it 5 times).

Why do it? With all the pain, why?. To me, I think it’s about conquering myself. When I am in despair and on the verge of giving up, and I didn’t give up and keep on going until I reach the top to get my much deserved rest. I think it’s more of a psychological pleasure rather than physical. I think I give up too easily on many things, and I am neither a very energetic person nor good in sports. Maybe it’s something I am trying to conquer, or be good at it. But to be good in anything, there is a price to pay. For this, I need time and discipline.

Every time I realize that I am not quite fit enough, and I really need to do something to make my journey more comfortable, or at least to keep up with others. 2 weeks later is Batu Putih, and I wonder if I should take the challenge or retreat?

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ahmoi said...

Hi, i know this is awkward. We actually went to Gunung Liang this morning and turned back in 40 minutes after hearing a loud roaring sound ~10ft from us (only 2 of us in the entire mountain).
We were scare and rushing back to the entrance without realised i dropped one of my walking stick in the jungle. If your friend who hiked Liang a lot happen to go there again, could you please asked him to help me to look around? It is a Swix 3 folded light weight carbon walking stick, i have a lot of good memory using that stick. now only left one, appreaciate you can help. The roaring sound is still playing in my ear, i have no courage to go back to the mountain in near future.