Friday, November 20, 2009

What do I know about my life?

It takes me a while to figure out something about my life

I only wanted to work until I don’t have to work anymore. If I have enough passive incomes and cash reserves which could maintain my current lifestyle until I aged 80 or so, I will stop working for money. It is too painful and too much sacrifices had to be made for the sake of making a living or to be rich, and life is too sweet if I have the choice not to do things which I don’t quite enjoy. I had yet to meet someone who would agree with me, others just wanted to do nothing or go the extreme into unknown richness. I know there is a lot more in life besides work and money.

As long as we put our mind to something, there is nothing we could not achieve. This is true unless it contradict with some of our own values. For example, I could achieve to be a top assassin, but that would give me sleepless night; I could get rich by being a con man, but I don’t feel right about it. So it’s about dreaming about something that we would really like to be, not dreaming about getting rich through whatever means. Sometimes I found this to be quite unrealistic, as I had been clouded by all the obstacles and demand of reality. But deep down inside, I still believe it is possible. I can actually be what I choose to be.

Somehow I understand life is not supposed to be for our enjoyment, meaning we are not here on earth to be happy, at least that is not our purpose. Yet I spend so much time and thought to make my life better, which is quite contradicting to this believe. I am here to serve and contribute, and to help others? I haven’t quite figured out this part of life yet. Is like having Children: we all know raising children is not easy and cost a lot of time and money, and sacrifices; yet people still do it. Why? For the continuity of the species and some unknown needs to populate, or to experience a full cycle of life like what our parents had done. Why there is a need for a life partner? Human are not build to live in isolation, and it is better with love and partner, someone to depend and trust on (if life is not better, perhaps she is not what you think she is). Marriage? Just a protocol of human culture.

So what do I need to do? Work smart so that I can maintain a free life, continue to dream and make it come true, and help to populate this world and experience more challenges of life :)

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