Monday, May 31, 2010

China and the Chinese Market is gaining 25% web presence rapidly

Of the Top 100 websites released by DoubleClick (Google) AdPlanner 1000, there are 25 websites with Chinese-language content, followed by Japanese, Russian and Korean. Though English is still the dominant language on the Internet, the Chinese Language or the China Market is a force not to be ignored. If we didn’t use it or don’t know about it, it doesn’t mean it is not there. They have their own Chinese version of Google, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Messenger, PayPal and etc, and all had made it to the top 100 websites.

8 - (Web Portals)
9 - (Email & Messaging)
11 - (Web Portals)
15 - (Web Portals)
16 - (Shopping)
17 - (Entertainment)
19 - (Video Clips & Movie Downloads)
21 - (Web Portals)
28 - (Photo & Video Sharing)
33 - (Online Communities)
36 - (Online Directories)
38 - (TV Programs)
46 - (Web Portals)
47 - (Multimedia Content)
52 - (Multimedia Content)
55 - (News & Current Events)
62 - (Management & Corporate Operations)
68 - (Web Services)
70 - (Social Networks)
82 - (Banking & Personal Finance)
88 - (News & Current Events)
90 - (Mobile Phones)
92 - (Online Games)
97 - (Hardware)
98 - (Roleplaying Games)

The Edge just published an article about Hong Leong Asia's (listed in Singapore) business in China producing refrigerator, diesel engine, plastic bottle and etc. Though the profit margin for each refrigerator is about RMB100 (RM 48), but it could sell between 30-35 million units per year, equivalent to RMB 3,000,000,000 (RM 1.44 Billion).

We all know China is growing fast (already the 3rd largest economy) and have the potential to be world biggest economy by GDP in times to come. Though we might have heard a lot, but we have not quite felt the impact (for those outside of china or not in touch with the Chinese language).

But we all know, the Chinese or China market is something that we couldn't and shouldn’t ignore. For Software Marker and Web Company out there either big or small, maybe it’s about time we look beyond English language.

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Anonymous said...

But I find the social media is not in the list... Interesting... Or the China policy?