Friday, May 14, 2010

Kathy Sierra: To Create Awesome Users

Basically is about a paradigm shift from creating a awesome product to actually help your user to become awesome. It's a bit lengthy, but it's good:
  • Rather than trying to be awesome in terms of your product, service or company, the real secret is helping your user to be awesome
  • Help your user to be better at their passion
  • We gave colourful and user friendly sales brochure when we try them sell them something; yet we gave them not so useful black and white manual when we actually sold them something
  • Rather than trying to sell them a camera lense, teach them how to capture cool waterfall motion effects which require a special lens.
  • If I teach them that, people who buy from Nikon would buy from Canon too. People tend to have a stronger emotional attachment to those actually trying to help them to be better
  • Don't make a better [X], make a better [user of X]
  • Blog, Tweet, Teach your users to be better
  • What the brain care about? Nice things, Cute things, Funny things. Talk to the brain, not the mind.
  • Focus on what the user does, not what you do
  • Write document which focus on 80/20 rules. Show them the 10 cool things which the user can do.
  • Make the right thing easy to do, wrong think hard to do
  • Element of Fun Learning: Thrill, Discovery, Challenge, Self-expression, Social, Novelty, Sensory
  • Shift away from "I Suck" to "Okay, it's nice" to "I'm really good at this"
  • Add the "WTF?" button to measure how frustrated your user are
  • Upgrade: make sure you upgrade does not make your user feel dumb again
  • Upgrade: make sure it can still do the one thing it's suppose to do easily

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