Sunday, January 02, 2011


I always like the beginning of the year, where it represents fresh start and new hope, and we can decide on our ambitious master plan for the year. We review what we had done, and decide that we had not done enough, and renew our interest and determination to achieve even more for the year.

Looking back at my “master plan” aka New Year resolution for year 2010, I realize I had few misses and a few changes of plan. I decide that I wouldn’t not have enough time to venture into new online creative business, where it’s better to focus on my core business plan instead. I also decided that property investment might not be ideal as it involved quite some physical maintenance, where I could achieve good return on share market investment as well (with more liquidity and flexibility).

On the bright side, I did get married and gotten myself a lovely wife and started our lovely life together in our lovely home. And I did start to donate slightly into UNICEF. For MalaysiaMostWanted, MMW Food remains the top online food guide in Malaysia, and we ventured into keeping track of historical property price.

2010 had been quite a hectic year with badly managed projects (which didn't become very profitable), marriage and travel planning, thus my business accomplishment is slightly less than desirable. This in turns serve as a reminder to get me to focus more energy and time to a more concrete plan this year.

My objective remains the same, which is to gain freedom in life (no longer be selling my time, soul and life for money). To do so, I shall achieve the following in 2011
  • To expand MMW to Travel and Price Comparison, and to upgrade existing platform in tune with current standards and expectations
  • To start mobile application development to complement MMW
  • To start an International Information Guide on Cool Products, Freeware, Comics, etc.
My business model is very simple: to create and systematically archive web information, so that it can deliver useful information to users. How do I make money? I am not very good at this yet, but theoretically, the more information I have the more powerful I shall become. It might be hard to earn millions, but it shouldn't be too hard to generate a comfortable monthly income.

I am very motivated and there are a lot to be done. It’s time to fire warp speed 9, and ENGAGE!

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