Thursday, May 19, 2011

In between escaping and solving a problem

I remembered an old friend told me we create a solution to solve a problem, only to create more problems. We are not actually solving the problem, but shifting the problem. His famous example if we are tired of walking, we pay to take a bus. But the bus is unreliable and uncomfortable, so we bought a car but end up getting stuck in traffic jam and higher maintenance cost.

I guess I am doing the same with my career. At my first R&D job my focus is to give it all I got, but I soon realized the company had been unfairly remunerate me over the years. I was hoping a more rewarding career at a “real” corporate business software company, but sadly the company didn’t do well. Then I venture into freelance software development in hope of more control of my own destiny (and lessen dependency on external entities), where I found it to be too time consuming, flow of business is unpredictable, there is not much continuity and being plagued by bad paymasters. So now I plan to steer towards web products and services, where there is freedom of boundary and a platform to be built upon for the longer term. The downside is that the money is not instant and abundantly, but I can see good potential ahead; most important it is still full of hope and excitement, at the moment :)

Am I running away from problem, or I am solving them instead? One makes me felt weak and cowardly, while the other made me feel strong and in control. Should we stay and remedy the situation, or should be start afresh at greener pasture? To patch a broken program, or build from scratch again?

It seems difficult to differentiate between the right and wrong thing to do, and when I come to such crossroads there is only one question left: will there be any regrets in my choice?

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