Saturday, May 07, 2011

The World is a tough place to be, but we should be stronger

We all know the world could be quite a cruel and unfair place, but are we cruel and unfair as well? If it’s not our doing, then whose doing is it then? Who are the bad guys who screw us, or are we the bunch destined to be screwed one way or the other due to our sin? What is the real evil here?

We are raised to be good, taught to be kind, compassionate, helpful and truthful. We even teach our children to be good, and frown upon their less than noble act. I guess we all believe in goodness, and believed that we are indeed good (no kid will admit that they are naughty), but it’s quite possible that we are trapped in the goodness delusion somewhere in between.

We believe that we are forced to be evil in order to protect ourselves, thus justifying our evil acts through “noble” causes. Is either me or you, so it’s better that you are on the losing end (不是你死,就是我亡). We believe we are helpless in this chaotic world (人在江湖身不由己), where selfish act for self-perseverance is justifiable and acceptable. A bit of trickery or perhaps treacherous is allowed (兵不厌诈), it is even considered as a good strategy. We taught about honesty, but we believed honesty doesn’t pay (忠忠直直,终需乞食). Is there still any goodness left within us?

We sacrifice a lot of things in life, so much so until we forgotten what is so precious about life anyway? We are unhappy most of the time because we sacrifice our love, our dream, our passion, our dignity, our righteousness and our believes in something which we know is of secondary importance, yet we spend all our life and energy fighting for it: money. Most people give in to the difficulty of life, admitting that they can’t or don’t know how to change for the better, or can’t afford to. We believed our life had been shaped in a certain sense, and we don’t really have many choices left. We are all doomed in a certain sense.

Our life is known to be fragile, where we can die in a split second accident, or have a slow death by chronic disease, something which we totally have no control of. Thousands of dreams are shattered every day, but many more conjured up there after; I hope there are more dreams created than destroyed.

What are the things that really matter in our life? Do we do the right thing, or perform as expected by others. Do we really try to live our life with no regrets, or did we compromise so much until we had lost ourselves.

Can we live a noble life with a noble cause, do it is not possible? Can we promise not to do harm to others no matter under what circumstances, so that the world could be a better place for our children. Can I be a good son, a loving husband, a trustworthy friend, and hopefully a great father before the end of time? Do we all have a decent conscient? I hope all of us can live a meaningful selfless life.

We all should take a moment to ponder 2 questions: Did I screw up my life? How can I stop screwing myself harder and start to do the right thing, even though it's not my fault?

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