Saturday, October 01, 2011

Review: How to delve into Sales


  • Sales Organization: get people excited about your product, so that they'll share their needs with you
  • Interview: don't lead, let people talk (so that they don't prime their answers to your needs)
  • You want to hire someone who are interested in your start-up equity, at the same time most Sales people care about instant reward (show me the money!).
  • Compensation: don't user percentage, but maximum absolute figure (negotiated quarterly or so)
  • Weekly Pipeline Meetings, though Sale people don't like to be managed tightly.
  • Team Selling: post-moterm after every sale. What happened in the meeting?
  • Called before office hours and after office hours (to bypass the secretary); Friday afternoon is best for setting up meeting next week.
  • Call as high as appropriate
  • LinkedIn connected histroy: to find out about your competitor's movement.
  • Ask for favour in return for reduction in fee. Leave room for people to have small victory. Margin?
  • Forecasting: 10% if you understand client's needs; 50% if you given a presentation, and the client have something to buy from you; 75% if customer ask for negotiation; 90% you are told that you got the contract.
  • Don't hire too quickly, don't hire too senior; trying selling by yourself to get a feel, get sales service consulting company.

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