Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Paul Kenny's Building Sales

  • Love your inner Sales person?
  • Sales is sharing story with customer?
  • Dialogue: reach a mature understanding of what the client values most
  • Quality of Dialogues = Quality of Customer Acquisition
  • Dialogue builds rapport: if the perceived value is almost similar, people buy from the person you like the most.
  • To get the customer to reflect their unique needs to you
  • You cannot tell your way into a solution (you need this, that, etc)
  • Perception of your product matters to customer
  • Knows the Customer's DNA: Drivers (Ego, Security, Ease, etc), Needs (Function, Scalibility, etc), Aspirations (Project, Team, Personal)
  • Better Dialogue: Selfless Questioning, Listen (don't assume, non-judgemental)
  • Don't allow sales person to focus on monetary reward only (tie them to growth, customer happiness, feedback, etc)
  • Hire the person who asks the most interesting questions. Don't hire Franks (hot-shot salesperson at big companies)

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