Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: What I wish I knew when I was 18 by Stephen Fry

  • Technology is like a Mirror: if an idiot looks in, you can't expect an apostle to lookout
  • Chasing techniques and answers (to happiness and richness) is fatal
  • The worst things you can do to yourself in life is setting goals (goal orientation is disasterous): 1) You don't meet your goal and call yourself a failure 2) You meet you goal and ask, "I'm here, now what?"
  • Work is more fun than fun
  • The things that unsuccessful people have in common is they talk about themselves all the time (I need ...) = Egoistic
  • The real of Heroism is people who quietly get on with their life and think about other people
  • How can you know England if England is the only country you know
  • One of the wonderful given ability in life is the ability to give
  • Would you rather be someone who ask for money, or be someone in the position to give?
  • On one hand you want to belong to a tribe, on the other hand you want to be outside and unique
  • Online comments are usually nasty and resentful, which are meaningless and demoralizing
  • Self-obsessed people are poisoning themselves and people around them
  • The more in the world you encounter Kindness and cheerfulness, the better the world would be (it dwarfs talent, energy, commitment, justice, virtual, truth, ...)

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