Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Brian Chesky of AirBnB (2010)



  • Everyone is once powerless and obscure.
  • Press tactics: don't start with CNN, they won't cover you. Google for related keyword/news, find the bloggers who talks about it and email them. Then the local news will pickup from the bloggers, then the state news, then it's reach CNN. Got the 1st 800 listings.
  • When you have plenty of time, make cereals
  • PG interested because these guys won't die
  • Whatever you focus on, you get
  • Community marketplace for space
  • Rent airbed for events -> cover non-events -> rent rooms -> rent apartments -> rent any space (private island, tree-house, boat, castle for events, etc.)


  • Launch 1: Rent airbed from our apartment for an event (local hotels are sold out)
  • Launch 2: Airbed for conferences for all over the country, launch by SXSW
  • Launch 3: Stay with local while travelling (press tactics)
  • Launch 4: Making Cereals
  • Launch 5: Demo Day: YC (users -> profit)

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