Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Ben Silbermann of Pinterest @ Startup School



  • Making things can take a long time (quit jobs 2 years ago - work on multiple projects, 4 months to launch, get 3000 accounts in 3 months)
  • Commitment to HAVE to make it work. You should just do it, or stop talking about it.
  • Ways investors says No: 
    • Call me back in a few months.
    • Who else is in?
    • There is NO way this will happen.
  • Lessons about investors:
    • Even rich people are subject to free cookie, investor are people too.
    • Hack the leverage: fear of losing the deal, the believe that the thing will be so big.
    • Don't take investors' advice as face value, they make mistakes too, judge for yourself.
  • Be great at 1 thing, the ONE thing worthy of people's time
  • Investors are subjects to the same bias and trends everyone else is reading on techcrunch and hacker news.
  • Convince investors through users who is their friends and wives.
  • A lot of different ways to succeed, not necessary following the trends; trust the user, data and your instinct
  • Build something you believe in, else you will definitely burn out
  • Don't give up: don't let others talk you out of your dream

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