Thursday, October 18, 2012

Empower the People (how to make money online)

When I first saw Google Adsense, it was like holly shit: everyone could make a living by serving advertisement (without the hassle of securing advertisers) on their blog and website, as long as they produce contents which interest people. It is no longer the privilege of magazines or newspapers or big media websites, and the cost of running is practically zero (blogger is free, singup for Google Adsense is free, only time is not quite free).

Now, everyone could make a living online by producing contents (e.g. write a blog about cars, pets, fashion, technology, etc.). Personally, I felt this is both liberating and empowering. One of the reason I really love Google is because they empower the commoners and small business owners, creating products where almost everyone could take advantage of to make a living (Adword, Youtube, Google App, Google Place for Business, etc.). Google made it possible, easy and free (most of the time); the only thing stopping you is yourself.

You probably need to be trained (and probably certified) for years to be an accountant, lawyer, doctor, engineer or programmer. If you do not have a formal education, you probably ended up in a low paying labor intensive job. Besides using the Internet, certain conventional industry allow everyone to make a better living without a high prerequisite: Insurance and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Almost everyone could be easily trained to be an Insurance agent within months, and many housewives successfully become a MLM agent (e.g. Amway) within weeks. Everyone could make a better living, as long as you could excel in sales.

Besides Google, there are plenty of options which empower to make a living online:

  • Etsy: Sell your DIY products online
  • eBay: Auction anything online. Check-out Lelong for Malaysia.
  • Youtube Partner Program: The more people view your video, the more money you make (it’s like Adsense for Video). Sadly not available in Malaysia yet.
  • Airbnb: Everyone could rent their empty apartment or room as holiday home. Check-out iBilik for Malaysia.
  • Fiverr: Sell your small service for a fee
  • TaskRabbit: Run an errant for others
  • HomeTuitionJob (Malaysia): be a home tutor

The question is: can you do well in one of the following?

You can choose not to work for others if you don’t like to, and you don’t need a lot of money to start making a living online. Nothing is easy, but it’s definitely very possible :)

PS: If you are passionate about your choice, you will be happier, satisfied and hopefully make a sustainable living, and definitely last longer (able to preservere).

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