Thursday, February 08, 2007

One Shit Hole for Another

Haven’t we all feels like we are surrounded by shit holes and wanna get the hell out of there? We are troubled by too many problems and unhappiness that we must get out ASAP so that we can leave all the shits behind, and seek for happiness at another place, a new beginning, a new hope.

Personally, I think there is no escape. We either exchange one shit hole for another, or we will eventually accumulate new shit hole at the new place. Shit holes are problems which we hate or felt troubled by it, but life is full of obstacles. As long as we continue to live, there is basically no escape. There are tons and tons of new shit holes popping up everyday, though we might have covered tons of old shit hole ourselves.

We can try to run or hide, but we will eventually bump into another one or accumulate more ourselves.

No matter which family is it, which company is it, or which person is it, each got their own set of shit holes, and each might have their golden pools as well. Before we are involved with them, we only see the golden pools; once your are in, you’ll see the shit hole at every corner. Basically shit hole is everywhere, just a matter if you see them or not.

Though some shit hole is better than others, but sometimes it’s hard to do the comparison between 2 shit holes as well (finding the better from the worst is not exactly encouraging).

Then there are some optimists who say challenges are opportunities, so you could basically turn a shit hole into a golden pool.

Then some other optimists says the cup could be half full or half empty, so our life could be half full of shit, or half full of good things happening.

How are you going to feel the good is there is no bad? Can there be happiness without unhappiness? So good luck in covering most of your existing shit holes, before you get yourself into deep shit.

There is no nirvana on Earth, so try not to seek one; though you could try to create one.

This article feel so crappy, haha :) I think I am loosing grip on day to day life.


Kenny said...

Hahaha...sorry Des...i'm sure you must be feeling rather disappointed and angry now but this is your funniest post yet! Shit holes huh? Are they like arseholes or just holes in the ground full of shit that you step into?

Well, think of it like this....we can be idealistic, optimistic and full of hope but the Universe will always find a way to screw us wonderfully!
Shit is everywhere, it is in you, around everything living thing...just like the 'Force' in Star Wars! Muahahaha

The Universe is never perfect...and so it would be good to be realistic and recognize/expect shit holes.

Life gives you make lemonade....Life gives you shit....make SHIT-ade!

d_luaz said...

while blogging halfway, I have no idea what I am trying to write: except that this world is full of shit which we cannot do without.

I was rather annoyed rather than angry, but at times feels helpless about it, as it is after all, part of life :|

So you are suggesting make the best of out the shits? Or waiting to be screwed everyday, haha. This is demoralising man.

Anyway just a mindless post about everyday shit which everyone is aware of.

meiru said...

Yes, life is full of obstacles, to make us stronger and tougher. Imagine there's no shit in this world, everyone is constipating.. haha.. that's the real problem man!

To turn shit into shit-ade.. is to see how creative u r to turn bad to good (hmm, shit-ade doesnt sound good though, haha). If u r able to turn it, u will grow n glow! :)