Monday, March 05, 2007

Annual CNY Gathering

Last Saturday was pretty interesting, as I get meet with all the old friends from my ex-company in a pot luck cum BBQ cum CNY celebration. It is nice that we grew so close and still have this yearly event to meet up.

As the years goes by, people have change slightly due to changes of life, shift of focus and responsibility. Married people will have to be family centric, and go home early to take care of wife and children. There will be lots of kids running around, but none of them is crying or screaming. There will be people who no longer interested in gamble, some gamble less and some never gamble as usual, some continue gambling and some got addicted to it. Some remain pretty much the same, while some had move on, but most still have the same fundamental behavior intact.

The party is pretty alright, with people busy eating and chatting. Perhaps everyone is too busy, thus doesn’t quite have the chance for some in depth chit chatting (perhaps I was at the wrong section of the house, haha). Kinda sad everything ends so fast, and I have yet the chance to catch up with some people, or I also uncertain what to talk about. Just felt that time flies, so little is done.

Yek, Cham and Rock have pretty much turn into a good family man and dad. Mee Mee had become a caring mom and good wife. The not married bunch like me, Mei Ru, Tang, Chooi, Rathi, Weng, Kenny and Michelle still looks pretty much the same. Kok Wai still busy with golf and family, while Gilbert had tone down by the days. Joe is no longer as thin, and Chim is no longer “single” by this year. Khim and hubby looks good, and I think she is expecting. Karthik and wife still as energetic and optimistic. Everyone is slowing moving towards couple hood, marriage and children. And Yek, Cham, Rock and Tang is reunited under one company again.

CNY is pretty much over, so ends the holiday, celebration and expectation. May the year of Metal Pig (or Fire) be a prosperous one. Wish everyone I love and care for good health, be safe and happy always.

PS: I felt that I always have the tendency to write when I am most busy, perhaps more thoughts came out when I am under pressure, or when I am feeling pretty down.

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meiru said...

yeah, hope that next year we still can have this kinda gathering, though everyone has already switch priority, or go different ways, hope that friendship still remains.