Friday, March 16, 2007

Would you weep for a spider?

For so many reasons, I think Charlotte Web is a nice and relaxing movie. I am no big fan of story book and novel, as I don’t read Lord of the Rings or Harry Porter, and don’t intend to dwell on the anytime soon. I like movies, so thank God so many good books are turning into movies nowadays.

At first, I was attracted by the pig who ramp against the wooden fence. Then I notice that there are some other animal around, so it should be cute and funny. Later, I realize it was all about the spider, with the calm and serene voice (I didn’t realize that Charlotte is Julia Roberts).

It is almost destined that most farm animal will ended as food on our table, especially true for piggies. How to save a cute little big from turning into my favourite bacon? A spider need to learn to read (in fact, all animals know how, haha) and write (actually, she can weave the word out). It’s quite amazing seeing her swinging and sliding around to make the web (and words), accompanied nice camera angel, animation and music. What did she write? SOME PIG is TERRIFIC and HUMBLE, haha.

At the end, it is sad to see the spider somehow sacrifice her life to save the pig (she basically work to death). No sure I am in the emotional or sentimental stage, I did actually feel much like crying when I saw the spider dying. I haven’t have tears in my eye for quite a long while. I didn’t cry with all the shit holes surrounding my life, with the pressure from my change of career and thinking of long time survival plan. But crying for an animated spider? Nah, this is a good movie to watch.

Thinking of it, though the spring pig survived to see the first winter, but for how long? Everyone remember the big, but will the spider be forgotten? Such as in life, of happy ending and fairness.

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