Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sydney Tour

Mei Ru is having her working trip at Sydney now, and is asking my opinion on where to go about. I wish that I can have a vacation again; I wish that we can travel around together and I wish for many things in life, haha.

Sydney is just another city, with surprising fewer cars on the road and wider sidewalk (as compared to an Asian city). Every city which is near the waterfront is a nice city, as you would get many beaches, waterfront real estate, cruises and water sports. The blue water and sky just make the city much more attractive, not to mentioned the nice weather during the autumn.

Circular Quay
Circular Quay is my favorite part of the city, where we have the skyscraper view, the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, a busy water front with ample sidewalk and open space. The view is equally magnificent during the day and the night. With the cruises around there, we could travel to the many beautiful islands and beaches. The cruise view is simply amazing as well, with many yachts on the water and waterfront real estate which I felt like owning one of them.

Waterfront Houses and Yachts

Opera House

Floating City Island
Again, I wish I can felt relax again with nothing on my mind. Perhaps Melbourne is a better place to stay for long term, but Sydney is definitely more exciting. But if you are rich enough, Sydney waterfront with a yacht should be a good choice. I always imagine myself one day to have a waterfront house, either near the sea or a nice river stream, with some hills and greenery. Until that day arrive, a lot of things to be done and taken care of.

Outside of Waterworld


The Rock

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