Tuesday, August 05, 2008

All you need is to move Forward

“Don’t look back. Once you had decided, just keep on moving forward.”

In our live, we are faced with all kind of distractions with blurred our vision; things which stop us from doing what we wanted to do; obstacles which deterred us; uncertainty which worries us; doubt which wanted to cast us back; illusion which cloud what is important to us.

Why would I walk into a direction which I don’t feel good about? There is a reason for me to move on from the last stop. It’s a matter of if I could afford to walk there or not, and how much time do I have to complete the track. Once the target is set, it should be warp speed 9 all the way. There shouldn't be regret or doubt, it is just choices we made. No one is going to die or get hurt, it's just a matter of a Maggie Mee or Butter Crab for dinner.

A little adventure in life could go a long way.

Though we spent most of our time working, but there should be more than money to be made.

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