Thursday, August 21, 2008

Review: Tuesday with Morrie

Morrie is a good light read (and cheap thanks to being a best-seller), with story telling and a bit of life teaching to remind us of the way we lived our life. I usually make notes for more “technical” kind of books, but it’s pointless to do so with “story” book. In the end, I can’t recall what I had read about; I just know that it’s nice.

It is about Morrie, who is dying slowly, and he knows it. So he tries to live his remaining days to the fullest by talking to different people, giving them advice and guidance on everything from love, relationship, money, culture, emotion, etc. The advices are not something new or spectacular, just everyday things where most people know though might have forgotten or did not practice it for various reasons.

At the end, the highlight of the books is still about how he choose to “fight” until the end, make the very best out of his remaining days, and trying to save a few lost souls on earth before meeting his maker. At the end, is not what we earned or made, but what we had given that matter.

PS: Why the title? Because they have their discussion every Tuesday :)

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