Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Business Idea: Open Resume Project

Though I am not much of a real businessman, but I do like to dwell into some new business idea. Sometimes I might be crazy enough to start off alone without any funding, such as Malaysia Most Wanted. I still think MMW is the best in this circle, though I can be naïve or ignorance at times :)

Online Card, Physical Delivery
About a few years back I think of an online greeting card delivery (not E-Card), where we design custom-made card, print it out and mail it to our clients. Our target audience is people (especially businessman) who are too busy with their daily work yet still need to maintain good PR with their clients, and custom-made delivered card would be more personal and standout among the rest. I still think the idea is pretty good, and Foldees did it pretty well with the funding they got. They get idea for new cards from contest by offering prizes and revenue sharing, which is pretty cool as long as you have money to spend.

Why I didn’t do it myselves? Is the supply problem, where I can’t do design well enough, and I don’t know people who could actually do it and I don’t have money to encourage people to do it for me. So either I get some funding, or I know a lot of friends in the design circle, and I am neither of both. Anyway, I am already busy with MMW and don’t have time to take care of too many babies.

Open Resume Project
Recently Job Street played with a new idea, PitchYourTalent. Basically you pitch your talent (more like a more casual and interesting resume), and people will look for you and offer you job. Sound interesting, where now I have a personal page to flaunt my talents to others (without the need to setup a personal website), and a proper search engine for others to find me (or my talent). The idea is simple and yet refreshing, with a lot more room for improvement. Reminds me of LinkedIn, marketed as some business social network. Any, I think the core of this idea is
  1. a page to show my Skills and Talents
  2. a good search engine to find me
Is like a marketing tool for personals (rather than business). Might it be potential job candidate or a freelancer, is a tool to sell yourself. In some way, it is an Open Resume Project, in similar spirit to Open Directory Project (ODP).

How to make money out of it? I really don’t know that’s why I am not a good businessman nor can I get any funding. The initial idea sounds quite alright, and I am ready to pursuit it further. If possible, I would rather not start this off as another lone ranger project. If you are interested (yes, you who are reading this) to start of another Web 2.0 Social Network thingy about Resume with me, do leave a comment.

I have quite a bit of experience with Web Development and SEO, so I am capable technically. I need someone who share the same passion in entrepreneurship and believe in the same idea that we will be working on, and hopefully someone more business-minded and marketing centric than I am.


Chen Chow said...

Thanks for highlighting on PitchYourTalent.com ! Looks like you have managed to grasp the gist of what PitchYourTalent.com is doing!

Do go there and pitchyourtalent, and who knows your Web Development/SEO skill sets could be tapped by someone, or you can go there and tap someone who has passion in entrepreneurship!

All the best! :)

From a staff of PitchYourTalent.com

d_luaz said...

Haha, the 1st comment I got is from my potential competitor asking me to try their product :|

Have to salute them for checking out blogs at midnight while doing marketing and survey at the same time :)

Chen Chow said...

Haha... Feedback by users like you will be great learning experience for us.. :)