Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thinking Back

Thinking back, I do wonder is life simpler or more complicated now? I think it had become simpler, yet I recall it used to be simpler last time with much more going on.

Michelle used to label me as a perfectionist one, but I just rub it off. Perhaps I want a simple (and perfect life) in my own mind? Everyone live happily ever after, and no one will die.

Theoretically, I am supposed to be a very boring person at once glances. Perhaps the most interesting thing about myself is my thoughts, if there are anyone to listen to what I had to said.

Looking back at some past blog entries, it really seems like a long journey with many ups and downs. Last time relationship troubled me the most, now career keep juggling in my mind (and the future as well).

So many people walk pass and leave, sooner I later I would live in isolation. I always thought relationship and marriage is a friendship killer, as we don’t spend as much time with others. Maybe I am just lazy.

I don't really make much new friends, or join new groups. Perhaps I am really a passive and anti-social person. Maybe I should join a new club or something. I do admire Michelle's lifestyle, and I do have a certain level of respect for her determination (though not totally agree with all her actions).

Why? A question which I don’t know how is asking about what or what to answer. Just life and what I had become, for some unknown reasons.


michlooi said...

aiii.. my lifestyle got good and bad also leh... Every weekend i will be MIA , either cycling or running. Super busy but sometimes i think i abandon some of my friends also.

michlooi said...

and also spend a lot of money :(

d_luaz said...

haha, a price to pay for what you want :) a lot of times, I think action (to do do for or do something u like) is better than inaction, in regardless of the price and outcome.

else, life would be too boring with many regrets.