Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Irony Life

I think there is quite a lot of irony in life.

Have you try looking to buy something, where you do a lot of research and shop at various places to get the best bargains. When you finally bought it, something bad happens such as faulty or defective device or unsatisfactory service which totally written off whatever benefit you had gain based on your earlier efforts, or you loose even more.

Have you try to get some convenient by doing things online because you would not want to visit the place because it is far and inconvenient, but at the end you found out you still have to visit the place to get things done.

Have you try so much to save money and reducing your spending, but all the savings is written off due to some mistake or accident.

I personally think the emotional disappointment of such irony is much greater than the actual lost, feel like shouting to upstairs and start asking WHY!

Yes, life is a journey to make us better by going through hardship, sadness, disappoinement and irony.

Shit, Bad Luck and Irony will continue to haunt us through the rest of our life. The good thing is it usually feel very bad only at the moment in time; and we will probably forget about it until life reminds us again the next time, MUAHAHAHA! SHIT!

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