Monday, May 18, 2009

My Greatest Enemy is Myself

Personally, there is no need to compare myself with others, as in how well my classmates did in their exams, or how much my colleagues are earning. Basically, everyone had their own personality, strength and potential. Rather than asking why can’t I be as good as others, the more suitable question should be why can’t I fulfill my potential?

Fulfilling my potential (to make the best of what I have or what I can do) is not an easy task. I need to know my personality, talent and passion so that I can choose what kind of profession I should embark on. Introvert seldom make good sales, and some people just can’t sing. It sounded simple, but many people still end up making wrong choices due to lack of information and guidance, or follow the herd mentality. Make sure you know what you are good at, and what do you like to do, and find something which you can make a living. Don’t know what you are good at or have no passion? Open your eyes and ears and keep looking, keep your awareness up and keep thinking of it, then it will come eventually.

After being smart in choosing what I shall do (the easy part), then it comes the hard part of actually working. Working is easy, but working correctly with discipline and keep the passion burning is quite hard. How to keep yourself happy and productive while doing work? If I don’t like the work, I should change the work or myself? This is another life long learning process, to find out what to do, how to do it and how to do it long while still being satisfied.

How do I get up to work feeling enthusiastic, and able to be productive for the entire day? I know working on something we like is good, sometimes we have to work on something we don’t like, but at least we will know what we like to do or not, and perhaps think of someway to handle things we don’t like. We can switch department or work scope, and hire someone to do the dirty job and etc.

Basically we need Passion to keep burning, and Discipline to make sure we persist, and we make adjustment along the way until we are enlighten with the way of ZEN :) No simple answer, keep trying and keep moving.

What if I am not motivated to do it, or just plain lazy? Make sure this state does not prolong for too long, else we shall be doomed for life. The thin line between those who make it, and don't.

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