Monday, May 18, 2009

Why Travel?

Travelling is a feeling of leaving all the hassle and buzzes of city behind, walk into a beautiful environment where I can loose myself for weeks.

I like hiking because I just need to focus on moving forward and nothing else. At night, I just need to eat and sleep. And I know I just need to keep walking the next day, it is simple and straightforward. The place is nice and relaxing.

I like travelling to Nepal because everything is so simple and easy, and there is nothing much to worry about. I just have to keep walking, enjoy the view, eat, chit chat and sleep. And I know the next day will be beautiful with surprises.

Places like Bali and Hong Kong is too crowded with people and more costly. I have to think of where to go, what to eat, figure out the transport, queue up, buy things, etc. There are too many people, and too many things to do. Even most places Australia is too civilized, but I am sure there is some hidden adventure. Is not that these place are not nice, but just not as calm or relaxing, but an eye opener to other country and culture. Perhaps visiting these places is more like a Tourist (paying money for comfort), rather than a Traveller (more hardcore, haha).

I like nature (mountains and river) and simple village life (or small town). Someplace I can totally forget about the city and rat race, is almost like going through the ZEN way of life. Relax, Keep Travelling and Enjoy. The next day shall always be beautiful.

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meiru said...

H1N1 is getting worse.. spoil the travel plans... :(