Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Eric Ries's The science of lean startups


  • Stop wasting people's time: build something someone would actually use
  • Identify value-creating vs wasteful activity
  • Learn what we need to learn at the lowest cost: can a 9 months mistake be learned within a month?
  • Fisher Price Model: Learn -> Ideas -> Build -> Code -> Meassure -> Data -> Learn (Loop)
  • Agile Development with a Continuous Feedback Loop
  • Why do we build products: delight customers, get them to signed up, make a lot of money, change the world.
  • Continuous Deployment Principle: Make very kind of mistake only once, Quick Deployment, Cluster Immune System (to warn of potential mistakes)
  • Minimum Viable Product: 1/8 of the original features, talk with early adopters

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