Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gunung Yong Belar GPS Coordinate and Map

Tanah Rata - Kampung Raja - Blue Valley - Yong Belar

Blue Valley - Kem Tudung Periuk - Kem Kasut - Yong Belar

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Yong Belar Path and Information

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Peter said...

Hi there!

I stumbled upon your blog and and found something very interesting: the short-cut to by-pass the pipes/muddy area in Yong Belar area. Does this short-cut really exist or it is a trail you hope can be created?



d_luaz said...

It does exist, my GPS run out of battery on our way back (thus not able to keep track of it).

It had been many years, maybe it's covered by bushes now.

Peter said...

Wow, that is amazing! So you used the short-cut to by-pass the pipes on your way back? How was the trail when you walked it? Could you describe how might one find the trailhead from one side to the other? Thank you.

d_luaz said...

There is a path, but probably the entrance is not obvious. The entrance mark by my pink lines is probably fairly accurate.

It had been 4 years: when coming down to flat land, this is a broken wooden house. We are supposed to turn left, but we walk straight instead and found the shortcut. My description and memory might not be accurate.

Peter said...

I remember the wooden house and had walked straight, but that eventually leads me to the river that I have to cross--then begins the pipes. Do you have the GPX track or the coordinates of the mark of your pink line? And, do you recall where does the trail lead out to? Many people have been wondering, is there a way to by-pass the dreaded pipes--if this trail can be found--the hiking community owes you--I am of course grateful for your sharing.

Richard N H Lim said...

Hi, we are attempting YB come Oct 12. Never been to YB before. Your description of the short-cut refers to ascent or descent?

Peter, did you ever find the shortcut?


Richard N H Lim said...

One more thing? I am assuming the shortcut is the pink line whilst the water pipes is the brown wriggly ones. Is that correct?

One would have expected the water pipes to run fairly straight....