Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Slow Death of My Handy JVC-GR-DX37AG

I can sense that the death of my handy JVC-GR-DX37AG Camcorder is near (the record button is not functioning). I had her since early 2005, remembering the 1st major production is 3 Day Taman Negara Adventure. With 117 YouTube Videos and a dozen of unprocessed MiniDV, I had to admit she had capture a lot of wonderful memories for me. And she is the reason that I don’t have a digital camera, haha.

Though Video Camcorder does not capture beautiful photograph like a SLR, but it does capture memorable moment, funny expression and timeless speeches. It makes me laugh and never get tired of watching it again and again.

I was thinking of getting a new HD Camcorder, like JVC GZ-MG330AG, which is below RM 2000 and the lightest of the range (360g plus battery). There are 2 stoppers for me. 1st of all, there isn’t much improvement in terms of image sensor (1/6-inch, 680K-pixel CCD). Secondly it cannot be used in low pressure area (more than 3000m or 10,000ft). All Malaysian mountains are below 10,000ft except Gunung Kinabalu (13,455ft), but too bad it cannot be used for my Annapurna Circuit where the highest altitude could reach 5,300 metres on the Thorung La pass.

So, I pray that she could be saved through some cheap local service.

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