Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why am I so picky in choosing a way to make a living?

My dad asks me to study well, so that I could get a good job. I have no much of a problem with that, work is fine, and pay is okay. Maybe after too long in the business, and seeing the same problem repeats itself, I kind of want to find a way out.

I don’t like dealing with customer, or should I say I don't like dealing with demanding, difficult and unknowledgeable customer (which most of them are). That’s the pitfall of developing customized software for customers; they have no idea what they want, keep changing their mind (or have new idea) and will try to squeeze all they can. Why not leave software development altogether? The next thing I could think of is being a farmer, which I have a skill/experience (interesting though, high-tech organic farmer).

I need to leave customized software development, which leaves me with 2 alternative choices: Product Development or Internet business. Product Development is pretty cool, and I had a few ideas, just that it might take up 3-6 months of development time and I have no idea how to sell it, too risky. Internet Business? Sounds good, no need to deal with customer directly, but it takes time to build it up.

I am pretty happy with Malaysia Most Wanted FOOD and PROPERTY, just that they are not quite there yet (but really fun to work on). I am thinking of developing a free Online Shop to boost local e-Commerce, which might be fun (something like how Yahoo Shop/Viaweb started). Perhaps online Invoicing or Customer Relationship Management software? Problem is selling them.

Why so picky? Everyone is taking shit from the customer, why not me? I have very little patient for them, and I feel like smacking them and scold them as if they are naughty children. I guess that is not very good for me psychologically, I want to have a happy life with a happy job. As long as I can afford to make a change, I think I should. My dad had been trying to convince me back into employment since I left employment. It’s not that employment is no good, just that the system work against me as I get older. I don’t want to be held hostage by the company when I am 40, and have to take shit from everyone.

So I am picky because I can still afford to make a change, and I want to stop my own whining.


Anonymous said...


Nice blog. I'm in customer environment, the one on the other side who kept on pushing my software vendor (your side) for more :).

Well, I guess there is always challenges in IT projects where changes kept on coming even through requirement has been signed off & agreed by both party. I'm from IT department and at times, I have difficulties in translating my users to my software vendor.

I think the real challenges lie in having a "True" understanding of what "we" or customer wants. Because at the end of the day, we vendor thought might not be what the customers have expected.

Anyway, just my 2 cents of sharing.


d_luaz said...

In fact, I think vendor should go into the customer's company, talk directly with the end user/manager/IT/Everyone, observe their daily operation and then only analyse the best approach to derive the solution, rather than just listening to clients to get the requirement.

Doing that, we need trust from the client, and the cost will increase as well. But what better way to do it besides directly going to the grassroots, to eliminate miscommunication and misunderstanding. We need to play the role of Vendor + Consultant.

Again, it's always the boss/manager who is frickle minded. The end users usually are pretty sure of what they want.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you on that.

But for the past 10 years, I actually haven't seen any of my vendor doing that kind of thorough study / requirement gathering. Most of them just meet the users and get their feedback or supporting document as reference. And I believe vendor's understanding is built on that weak foundation.

Hmm ... I agree that some boss/manager will FULLY make use of the vendor to the maximum. And at procurement process, pricing will be negotiated/discounted until the very last penny *sigh*, which I felt very sorry for my vendor too.


d_luaz said...

Everyone business transaction is meant to make money. When there is no or little money to be made, what kind of service would you expect from you vendor?

I don't think it's the client's total fault, it's just something wrong on how software business is conducted. If you buy Microsoft Word, you get to try/see and use it before you buy it. But it want customised solution? There is a lot of trust and imagination and expectation (or false expectation).

At the end, I still believe business should be based on trust and mutual benefit, which is rarely the case nowadays.

That's my it's important for me to keep my good customer :)