Monday, September 08, 2008

Book Review: Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

Guerilla Marketing is about low budget marketing relying on time, energy and imagination: thus very appealing for small business.

I found this book a bit boring and sounded like a text box, trying to introduce every aspect of marketing channel from TV to Internet to Brochure. It did introduce some useful tips in between like measuring the performance of the advertisement using code (to track the source of the leads, or landing page). It shows you the 100 weapons which you could use in marketing, but it really lack in depth coverage or success example which capture people’s attention. I would rather it focus on the 10 best way for different scenario and provide more example and techniques.

I stop at page 200 out of 350, as I don’t need a textbook introducing marketing channel. It sounded like the “Dummy’s guide to Marketing”, except much more comprehensive. I try t flip to the end to see if there are any hidden gems; slightly better but not actually catchy or enlightening either.

“What is marketing? The art of getting people to change their mind, or to maintain heir mindset if they are always inclined to do business with you. More than half of the marketing time should be devoted to existing customer.” – Guerilla Marketing

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