Friday, September 05, 2008

Microsoft XNA Game Development Framework + Xbox Live Marketplace

Free Tool + Publishing = Fun + (Money)

Around March 2004, it is already great news that Microsoft provided a free tool and framework (Microsoft XNA Game Studio) for game hobbyist to develop computer games. Though we can’t build big game with amazing graphics, but there is still room for small little fun games. Games which are not too intensive but provide 30 minutes or an hour of fun without too much worry and learning curve, suitable for working adult like me.

Yes, it’s a hobby and we can’t expect to make much money out of it; and selling games online is not an easy feat, and no publisher would entertain us (unless you sell your flash games on

So Microsoft brought in another goodie, to let amateur sell their games through XBov Live Marketplace (I was hoping 12 millions people will be able to see or know your game, and hopefully play it). I believe RealArcade did promote such game publishing mechanism before, just which it didn’t have a decent market share or garner enough attention. So if you plan to try your luck on a fun game, you actually got a good opportunity to sell them as well; getting people to play your game is another satisfaction as well.

How does it works?
  1. Download XNA Game Studio (for free), which work with Visual Studio Express (FREE)
  2. Build a really FUN game
  3. Join XNA Creator’s club (Annual free of USD 99)
  4. Submit your game, go through some peer review, get approved and start making money!

What else?
  • The price structure is around USD 2.50 – USD 10 per game
  • Usually, Microsoft takes 30% while you take 70% (paid quarterly)
  • May ride on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Network, Advertorial, Promotion (additional 10-30% fee)
  • It seems like currently it’s only available in U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain (no luck for Malaysia?)
  • Cannot sell FREE game at the moment (though free trial is available)
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So, if you still have the inner desire to build a game (like me), with a few months to kill in order to fulfilled a dream, here is the chance.

Alternative Platform (iPhone)

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