Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Great Workplace: Aeron Chair

A great workplace is made up of culture, people, policies, freebies and the eye candy: office furniture.

Joel Spolsky highly recommended the Aeron Chair from Herman Miller, which cost nothing less than USD 600 (RM 1980) for the cheapest model: the ergonomic chair with a status symbol attached.

I can’t understand what is so good about this chair, since I haven’t sit on one yet. But since it cost a bomb and almost everyone is recommending it, it must have some feel good psychological by just sitting on 600 bucks. Sure it had all sort of features and ergonomic design, but most importantly: it must look good and feel good, thus it can’t be cheap to maintain that level of brand impression. It does have some minor annoyance which some people dislikes.

So, it you want to work towards the best workplace in the world, you must have at least a dozen of these Herman Millers’ babies in the office, and I don’t mean the cheapest model.

Reviews By: FiringSquad, Office Chair Reviews, About.com Ergonomics


Annabelle said...

Aerons are really the best workchair hands down. I’m not one to go on about something like this, but it really made a difference in my workday. I bought one off of preownedaerons.com because I knew I couldn’t afford a real one, I swear its like its never been sat in, and I feel instantly more comfortable in my home office. It is the chair I sit in most, so I figured its worth it.

Aeron Chair Review said...

I bought the Aeron office chair and I've never been more comfortable working at the office. Before I bought it, I wasted my money on a handful of other chairs that were all fairly expensive.. for what 2 of those chairs cost me, I could have bought the Aeron. Glad I'm now a proud owner of this eco-friendly dot-com icon.