Saturday, September 13, 2008

People should not be afraid of their governments, Governments should be afraid of their people

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. – V for Vendetta

Certain things just never change for Centuries, as absolute power will always corrupt. It is a good thing that we have Democracy, so that the people could actually choose the Government to run the country on their behalf (not to control or against the people). Though I might say that Democracy is far from perfect, but that is another story to tell.

Sometimes the Government had forgotten their role, making themselves the Master and the People its slave. When the Master found its slaves to be “disobedient”, he tries to suppress or punished its slaves, and make an example of a few of them to warn the others not to go against the Government. These are signs of desperation; that the Government is no longer for the people; but a selfish entity run by an elite group trying to protect their own interest, power and wealth.

Does the Government try to strike fear into your heart, rather than trying to win your heart? Do you hear about people going missing overnight and never to be heard ever since? Do people get punished and long gone are the foundation of justice where everyone is “Innocent until Proven Guilty”? I felt the fear, and that’s why I know something is very wrong.

All the hardworking and honest citizen ever wanted is a peaceful place to earn a living. I don’t think the commoner care much about skin colors and special privileges (except some extremist or people with political interest); there is no racial unrest unless it’s being incite by certain elite group to achieve their own selfish goal. There are no real racial issues: the Ramadan month means delicious food for all races, everyone visited the Mamak Stall, Nasi Lemak is the national food, and everyone loves the holidays due to our multi-racial communities. Yes, there are some small differences and stereotypes; but it's no big deal.

I don’t like or hate you for your colors, it’s who you are and whether you are a good man (or woman) with integrity. We really need to look pass colors and privileges. We need a country which is fair and strong for everyone, despite your colors, genders, origins, citizenships and religions. It's everyone own a fair piece of the country or find it worth preserving, everyone would want to protect it and make it better; it's our home afterall. Don't allienate us; Don't make us a 2nd class citizen; Embrace us as one big family and filled the air with love.

For the sake of our country's future, please stop being selfish and open your heart. Sometimes to love is to let go, it will make you feel better in the end as a person; holding too strongly to something which are not meant for you is painful for everyone. Having felt really "naive" after the last sentence, but the core of things are really as simple as that: it's the execution which is difficult. It's no easy being a Good man.

Does every revolution need a blood shed? How much can our beloved country sustain?

It's ironic that as a human, we would always think that we are right, and we seldom think for others. Perhaps we are born selfish, that we need to learn to be selfless. Do you think that you are right? and why is that so?

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