Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Free: The Future of a Radical Price

How does free really works? Usually by giving something away for free, and get paid for something else instead. It works better in the digital world, will giving away more copies doesn’t cost significantly more money.
  • Jello – free cookbook to introduce jello to the world
  • Gillete – cheap razors expensive blades (same goes with printer)
  • Free Sample Store – charge for member entry, charge for rental of shelf space, charge for feedback collection. The Sample Store in Singapore.
  • Free Music – promotions, make money through concerts and endorsements
  • Amazon – free shipping when purchase 2 books
  • Free Newspaper – more circulation, more advertising. The Sun Newspaper anyone?
  • TED – free online video, high ticket price for networking opportunity
  • Free Stock Trading – free 10 trades per month (25% make more than 10 trades), make money through additional services like tax planning and portfolio management
  • Free Healthcare Software – sell anonymous data
  • Free Garbage Collection – recycling value

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