Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Annapurna Circuit Day 2: Besi Sahar to Bahundanda

This is the first day of actual trekking. Originally we were supposed to take a jeep to Khudi, which should save half a day of walking. But somehow our guide decided that it’s best for us to walk, and we also blur blur follow him only. I pick up a long sleeve T-shirt for RS 300++, which prove to be very useful for the journey.

Our guide ask us to wear short as the weather is hot, but I think it is a bad choice as the back of the leg will get burnt. The army hat from Jalan Pasar is very useful as it could cover the face and neck. We meet a lot of school children in the town as they walk to school around 10:00am, so lucky of them. Along the way, we get to see big river, a lot of mountains, donkeys and buffalos, and children and of cause, adults. It’s very hot and extremely sunny on the first day, so we need lots of water and thin clothing. We probably finished 6 bottles of mineral water plus 3 liters of our own water, where we decide it’s perhaps more economical to drink the river water with water purification pill.

Mei Ru lost her RM 400++ Ray Ban Sun glasses on the first day itself, ouch. We are very excited about the whole journey and keep taking photograph along the way, until the guide also got fed up with us and hurry us to move faster. We pass by villages such as Khudi, Bhulbule and move upwards to Ngadi. There are a lot of lodges and small restaurants along the way and in the middle of paddy fields, where we lunch near a waterfall.

The food preparation took more than an hour until we fall asleep; I guess that started the whole preparation process only when there is customer. I guess it would be wiser to eat at places with at least a few customers, so that the fire is already started and the water is boiling before you arrive. The national food is Dhal Bhat, which is rice with refillable potato, vegetable and lentils. They have Momo which is actually Chinese dumpling. The food menu is almost standard along the way with small variety, with food such as bread, noodle, pasta, pizza, fried rice and etc.

After a long day, we finally reach Bahundanda around 6 p.m.; our hotel is at the hill top with many people. The room is made of wooden plank, small and simple, but clean. It is surrounded by green mountains, and the food there is on of the best along the journey (the made good pizza). No matter how simple the accommodation is, there is always some charm attached to it that I don’t complaint about.

There is nothing breath-taking along the way yet, but the amount of walking is still reasonable, and plenty of mountains, rivers and waterfall to look at. Nepal is still a nice and friendly place to be. Travellers made up of mostly westerners (more Europeans), but we saw some Chinese and Taiwanese.

Photo Link: 27.09.2008 - 17.10.2008 - Annapurna Circuit Day 02

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