Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Last Dance

I probably went for my 1st dance class in March 2005, and it had gone through many happy moments. This week, I am not longer attending my dance class and might be giving it up for good. Though I still like it, but some circumstances had changed.

It all started when Tang introduced me to dancing 3 years ago, and I was hooked ever since. Following those small little steps does have its addiction, and dancing requirement you to make adjustment to accommodate your partners which is a very good life lesson. Everyone should try it once in a lifetime. I quit my job after a year thus making the dance studio very far away from my place, but I still have a lot of my friend there. After that I have Mei Ru, and it’s good that we get to dance together and meet up in the middle of the week.

It’s inevitable that people will quit eventually for various reasons and Tang stay tight though she is the first one among us to join. It’s good that she still have the time, passion and convenience to do it. Mei Ru had been busy with company’s overseas project for the past months and has to give up on dancing, and we don’t foresee she would have the time for dancing in the near future. I have one less reason and motivation to stay on.

I never wanted to excel in dancing like a professional; I just wanted to be able to dance. Bronze, Silver and Gold level is pretty fun and enjoyable, and it’s the most common that most people will learn and remember. Gold Cross or Gold Bar is complex and difficult, and not many people make it to this level or remember how to dance these steps for life. Though it’s inevitable that there is no place to go except up, but I did venture into other dances besides Latin, such as Paso, Rock and Roll and Ballroom lately. Ballroom is difficult to master and to look good, but it does have its charm.

It kind of saddens me that today is Wednesday, and I am no longer going for my dance class, and yet I am not quite sure how to move on from here. I know that I have to quit someday, and the day finally came. I just wish that I still know how to dance later in my life. Perhaps I should pick up something new, perhaps swimming or music instrument, some place near my house. By quiting, I had lost contact with some friend as well :|

Goodbye Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Rock and Roll, Paso, Waltz, Quick Step, Tango, wherever you are.

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meiru said...

we'll be back one day...i wish i could pick it up again one day..